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  •  That's what I'm thinking (4.00)
    It almost goes without saying that there is a lot of back-room deal-making taking place in Washington. My own personal musings suggest the shape of it may go something like this: the Dems are willing to let the Alito nomination slide if they get concessions. And one concession that the GOP may now be willing to part with is Bush. After all, he's a lame duck to begin with. In addition he, more than anyone else, makes them look bad on so many levels. Then there's the Abramoff thing. My thought is that the Repubs in general are hoping to be able to spin that in one of two ways: (a) as a bipartisan issue, or failing that; (b) as a much more specific neocon issue. And thanks to the pressure applied by the left-wing blogsphere maybe, just maybe, (a) is going to become untenable more rapidly and more obviously than it otherwise would have. With regard to (b), my feeling for a long time has been that the true intelligencia in the GOP (they aren't all stupid) has perceived the neocons as a useful evil. But they are more than willing to jettison them the moment they are perceived as more evil than useful. I mean think about it, where are the neocon wingnuts gonna go? Most of them will still vote Republican. They'll just be marginalized again. And I'm guessing that 'd be just fine with many in the GOP brass. Those are my current speculations anyway.

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