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  •  participatory democracy, sds and the 60s is now (none)
    birthed in the civil rights movement of the 60s, SDS, (Students for a Democratic Society)  member Tom Hayden wrote the Port Huron Statement and detailed the concept of participatory democracy (  

    i see that concept finally taking shape in the blogosphere, especially communities like dailykos.

    •  Wow. In my backyard, too (none)
      Damn, this is good stuff.  I guess I'd forgotten about Hayden -- and this 1962 conference took place almost in my backyard, here in Michigan.

      I'm going to use this at the next local Dem Party meeting, remind them about the roots of this movement; we're getting one helluva lot of push back from guys who would have been contemporaries of Hayden's back in the day.


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