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  •  Thank the goddess for the Internet (none)
    Every day I am so thankful to have a computer.  I am even more thankful for the progressive blogs.  The only news show I will watch is Jim Lehrer's Newshour.  Also Countdown with Keith Olberman.  I no longer read newspapers.  In my area, as in many others, they are just right-wing propaganda broadsheets.
    But with the blogs, I can identify with the articles and the comments posted by well-informed people who are not afraid to speak out and more importantly, get the truth out, which the MSM does not do.
    I just wonder how long we will have access to read and post on the blogs.  I read an article by Molly Ivins today which said that a friend of hers is on the no-fly list because he co-wrote a book which was critical of Karl Rove.  That, in my estimation, is the beginning of the end for freedom of speech.
    I can't do much on my own, but I do e-mail these purveyors of filth and I don't mean pornography, but the lies and disgraceful pandering to an unelected president who is destroying my country. O'Lielly, Matthews (Tweety), Blitzer and a few others have felt my ire.  I shall continue to do that and hope I am helping the cause to restore our country to its former  greatness.  One nation, indivisible, with freedom and justice for all.

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