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    Worry not what the propaganda catapults lob our way, they can't hurt our feelings anymore. Who fucking cares what Jim Lehrer and the supine GOP suck-ups at PBS thinks? This is a WAR, an information war, and to lose it could mean civil war down the road. The media represents the interests of the multinationals, period. It's time citizens stopped crediting them with any legitimacy whatsoever. The time has long past for us to get mean, and I mean really mean - ruthless, in fact.

    If it changes the frame of the debate and puts the fear of the mob into them, so much the better. I'm not looking to get invited to any Beltway parties, are you?

    The Media as it exists is irrelevent - let's keep working to make a new media that serves OUR interests. We should never be put in a position to kowtow to these elitist scum and their voice-boxes on the idiot tube ever again. Until we can restore some real balance to the consensual debate, we should treat this as a war of survival, which it is.

    So organize, write letters, make phone calls, stay informed, and above all, challenge the dipshit liars at every turn!

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