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View Diary: Nuke Iran Now! Let's Kill a Million or Three (209 comments)

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  •  its (none)
    its our pill, quick fix society. Americans for the most part are an apathetic bunch always looking for an easy fix to complex problems.  

    Christ look at all the fad diets and the billions made off it, while the real cure is widely known to all, eat less and exercise, but that takes time, effort, and isn't easy.

    Nuke Iran crap is for and from the lazy non intellectual, they are the type you can beat in a game of chess in under a minute. Usually this type of stuff never bothers me, EXCEPT that in thi climate we actually have these lazy stupid thinkers running things.  

    Its a scary time for this country and world because we truly have people running things who are incapable of thinking even one move ahead.

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