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View Diary: Nuke Iran Now! Let's Kill a Million or Three (209 comments)

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  •  Well said, Tarheel... (none)
    but where is your suggested alternative to maintaining a nuclear posture, including the "first strike" option?  As long as there are fanatical politicians like the current President of Iran in office, the whole world is held hostage to the possibility of nuclear war.  Looking back to the late 1930's, it must seem impossible to folks under the age of 50 or so that any country's government could let their nationalistic fervor launch a war like Japan did in China and Southeast Asia and then Pearl Harbor. But it happened, and millions lost their lives.  

    Our current world situation is similar, except that the impetus behind a possible nuclear war is even stronger than the desire for more raw materials, or more "liebensraum".  Religious fanaticism is the strongest political force in existence, and no amount of diplomacy will defuse it.  


    If the lies don't reach... you must impeach.

    by tomathawl on Thu Jan 26, 2006 at 08:09:15 AM PST

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    •  Well, yes. That's exactly why the US right now (none)
      is so scary.

      What, you were talking about Moslems? Nah. The US is the one with hyped-up nationalistic fervor, an appetite for scarce raw materials, an urge to world domination, religious fanatics controlling the levers of power, and gigantic stockpiles of WMDs of every possible description.

      Folly is fractal: the closer you look at it, the more of it there is. - TNH

      by Canadian Reader on Thu Jan 26, 2006 at 08:28:09 AM PST

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    •  That's a tough one (none)
      where is your suggested alternative to maintaining a nuclear posture

      That is a tough one, and has been so since 1945.  We should not underestimate this.  During the 1990s, we made some progress as the US and Russia did indeed stand down and start reducing the number of their nuclear weapons.  We need to review what happened then, aside from the Clinton-Yeltsin agreements.

      Effective use of the UN to reduce tensions instead of seeking national advantage is one obvious strategy.  Reagan's principle of "Trust and verify" makes a lot of sense but requires more transparency than the US is willing to provide for its own actions.  Absent a US commitment, reciprocity cannot  happen.  In this respect, Bush has been absolutely horrible in the search for peace; he has done everything in his power to create permanent enemies of the US.

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