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  •  I think there is a different way to go (none)
    Maybe we could begin to ask what is it exactly that we are afraid of? Personally I'm more scared of where Bush is taking this country than I am of having an airplane fly through my window. I would rather make the levees in New Orleans secure than have to go through a long line and a search every time I get on a plane.

    I want to see a backlash that says spying is the straw that takes the whole load of crap down with it.

    The reak threat of terrorists is that they win if you get scared. Lets call them pirates instead of terrorists. Issue letters of Marque to anyone who want's a piece of them, then forget about it.

    Privateers couldn't do a much worse job than Bush has done. For five years he has been given a blank check and has no results to show for it.

    Bush has squandered our resources on foreign adventures and cost 27,000 allied casualties, 7,000 Americans wounded so badly they couldn't be returned to combat, more than 2,100 killed and another 30,000 Iraqui casualties.

    More people are killed every year from drug overdoses, automobile accidents, firearms accidents, industrial accidents, Byrd points out we have mine tragedy's and then a week or so later after the press is gone we are back to work with the same safety issues.

    We should begin to argue that it is time to let our Defense Department stand down before it falls down. Lets get the Patriot Act off the Books, let countries that want to pick a fight with their neighbors duke it out on their own.

    Lets let our young men and women lead productive lives.

    Live Free or Die (-8.88 -9.49) IMPEACH

    by rktect on Thu Jan 26, 2006 at 10:52:21 AM PST

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