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View Diary: Nuke Iran Now! Let's Kill a Million or Three (209 comments)

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  •  For anyone (4.00)
    who is getting too deeply into the theoretical and political end of this conversation, I'd recommend 15 minutes leafing through for a good look at exactly who and what we would be bombing.  (hit the little black 'next' button on the left under the line of thumbnails).  For a slightly more formal view, Iran Photos is another good one.

    People start talking about how 'Iran is behaving badly' when what they mean is that the ruling powers of Iran are behaving badly - but meanwhile millions of ordinary people are going to work, going shopping, taking kids to school, walking through parks.  They have no more immediate control over the nuclear intentions of their government or ours than we on this blog do, but they are the ones who will be slaughtered, maimed, tortured, devastated and bereaved by any war.

    And I won't even start about the stunning ancient architecture, the natural environment, etc...

    Great diary, thank you, just wish there was nothing here to write about.

    "Virginia Woolf's idea of a room of one's own has never been the place for middle- and working-class women. We work with interruptions." - Ananya Chatterjea

    by sarac on Thu Jan 26, 2006 at 12:03:20 PM PST

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