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View Diary: The 4 biggest oil fields in the world are in decline (197 comments)

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  •  That is why... (none)
    Great info.  But it just demonstrates why the government should continue to provide tax breaks to car buyers who purchase 6000 pound SUVs and trucks.  How better to entice people to purchase better fuel economy vehicles when they get a break by buying vehicles that get 5 gallons to the mile?  Plus US car makers continue to be out front on this.  Ford and Chevy are hiring like crazy.
    •  The SUV tax writeoff (none)
      6000 lbs is a reasonable size for a cargo vehicle (truck) or a large passenger van. A business expense deduction for trucks is reasonable for its intended purpose, to stimulate capital investment from businesses that need trucks to do their work. The loophole here is that the huge luxury SUVs are being marketed and sold as passenger vehicles, and people gamed the system to get tax writeoffs for their passenger vehicles.

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