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  •  Party ON ! (none)
    Ptah the Great posted a couple of comments above that bring this to mind - please excuse me that I'm not a cartoonist and can only describe the scene.

    The desert southwest.  A car (ala Thelma and Louise) is speeding along a dusty road with a whole raft of partiers inside.  Who exactly is driving doesn't matter, but let's say for this story it is the cartoon character we know as "Uncle Sam"  The rest of the industrialized world is there having a heck of a grand time.

    One nerdy looking fellow is crowded into the back seat and he squeeks, "There is a cliff coming."  No body pays attention as the party rages on.

    The nerdy guy speaks up, "HEY!  There's a cliff coming!"  A big burly guy with his arm around a babe looks over his should and says, "Hey, shuddap, you'll spoil the party."

    Next panel, The car is careening along and there is a line across the horizon, the nerdy guy stands up in the back seat and screams, "Slam on the brakes or you're going to go over the cliff!"  The driver yells back - "What cliff?  I don't see no cliff."

    The nerdy guy is beside himself now, pointing and yelling, "That one.  That one.  Slow down before it's too late."

    The driver says to no one in particular, "Hey, somebody get a road map out and see if there is a cliff nearby."

    "We'll all be killed if we don't stop NOW!" the nerdy guy screams as the car goes over the cliff edge.

    The big lummox says, "Don't worry, we'll figure out something before we hit - and if we don't?  Well, it was a helluva party while it lasted!"


    Several posters above want to know where we're at - still approaching the cliff or over?

    It's my opinion that for us as an (mostly) industrialized humanity, we're over the cliff edge and falling fast.

    When the inevitable crash actually will happen, it's difficult to predict.  It could be this year with the election of the majority of seats to Hamas.  It could be Iran developing Nuclear weapons and Israel doing a pre-emtive strike.  It could be a coup in Saudi that causes the final oil crash.  The final crash could be delayed for several years or even if we are extremely fortunate, maybe a decade.  But being the raving pessimist that I've been for 50+ years, I'm betting sooner rather than later.

    Regardless of the exact timing, all I can say to Ptah the Great and others, "Party On Dude"

    Please see The Olduvai Theory for an overview.

    Then please see and specifically here for specific suggestions that an individual can do.

    For the nay-sayers that will poo-poo even the idea of a crash, I say to you, can it be a bad thing to  prepare for a disaster that never happens?  I think that I'd rather have a burried storm shelter than be cowering in a hallway as the tornado comes.  But, like all things in life, your choice.

    •  The Olduvai Theory is obvious BS (none)
      It says that the per capita usage of energy has dropped by an average of .9% each year since 1977.  That may be, but it's because a refrigerator, a power plant, a car (same size engine and cabin-comparing apples to apples, not subcompacts to large SUVs) have become more efficent each year, not because our standard of living has been dropping-quite the contrary.
    •  Crash (none)
      I don't pooh pooh the idea of a crash for minute. Nay, I live in great terror that one will happen.

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