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View Diary: Kerry wants filibuster - CALL SENATORS to Support him! (348 comments)

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  •  Come on... (none)
    Give the old man a break. I hate it as much as anyone when someone makes a "political" vote instead of one with their heart, but voting yes for Alito hardly means Byrd is an active KKK member. He's a great man, and looks to be worried about getting booted from the Senate this year so he's sucking up to the red staters. It sucks, but it doesn't make him a demon.
    •  Real Democrats aren't prejudiced. (none)
      Supporting Alito makes Byrd a liar, a shameless hypocrite, a mealy-mouthed sell-out, an enemy of the Constitution, a supporter of unapologitic racists and a enemy of workers safety, all of which is in the same neighborhood as evil.

      The same goes for any other Democrat who supports Alito, no exceptions.

      Want to make a difference in the media war? Kill your cable, write a letter to the company and give that money to independent media.

      by HunterKiller on Thu Jan 26, 2006 at 04:34:49 PM PST

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