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View Diary: WV-Sen: Byrd supports Alito (355 comments)

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  •  Sitting here crying (4.00)
    I have 4 children. I am literally sitting here bawling at the helplessness I feel right now. Potentially if the police come in my house they can treat my children like property. My daughter will potentially be FORCED to tell a person that is abusive that she is seeking an abortion. That is the mark of a great jurist and judge? Damn Byrd for saying this is about politics. Damn him. This is about protecting and preserving rights for my children.
    •  all you can do (none)
      ... is hunker down and stay strong.  Sen. Byrd may not have the stones to fight for our civil rights, but there are millions of Americans who will, when push comes to shove.
    •  Hang in there. (none)
      True, we're moving in the same direction as Nazi Germany. And true, we all are to blame. I'm to blame. Everyone.

      We have to keep hope. The German people rolled over for too long and they paid the price. Bush and his ilk will do that to us too if we let them. But,we still have a chance to bring righteousness back to America. I don't think all is lost yet. We have to stay energized.

    •  My advice? (none)
      • Fight to put Democrats back in charge of Congress
      • Buy an assault rifle and learn how to use it
      • Consider moving to Canada (where the conservatives  that run their government are practically socialists compare to the GOP).

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