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View Diary: WV-Sen: Byrd supports Alito (355 comments)

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  •  Alito is from New Jersey (none)
    Which is why this might be a more difficult decision for Lautenberg than it should be.
    •  Useless Lautenberg (none)
      Which means Lautenberg could have killed Alito with a "blue card", if Hatch hadn't killed that rule Republicans used against Clinton nominees. You'd think Lautenberg would be coming up with other ways to retain the power used against his faction through the 1990s. But it looks like he's just another senator who wants to make Congress optional under Alito and Bush.
      •  it's a "blue slip" (none)
        And they've never been an option for SCOTUS.
        •  Mootness (none)
          Ah, on further research of the (rescinded) blue slip rule, it appears that "home state" means the state in which the nominated judge would work, not the state from which they "came". That makes the rule more reasonable, letting a senator stop the Federal government from appointing an unwelcome judge who would rule in the state that the senator represents. More reasonable, still rescinded.

          Not that any of those considerations make Lautenberg any more useful if he doesn't oppose Alito, and pressure other senators to do the same.

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