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View Diary: BETRAYAL (one black man's perspective on the Alito confirmation process) (190 comments)

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  •  Important - he lies about it (none)
    If you were the member of an organization and later found out they published a racist newsletter, wouldn't you publicly admit your outrage?

    That Alito lied about it, saying he can't remember that he was a CAP member, suggested something... me.  

    But also - refresh my memory - did Alito at least denounce the CAP newsletter that Kennedy read aloud in the hearings as reprehensibly racist? I seriously don't remember.

    •  i dont' remember either (none)
      I'm old enough to remember the right-wing campus organizations of the 1980s, though.  If he can't openly denounce them now (or admit to membership then), then he's just scum to me.

      I can excuse the membership itself as youthful indiscretion.  I can't excuse tiptoeing around it now, though.

      Why are there no dinosaurs in the Bible?

      by Leggy Starlitz on Thu Jan 26, 2006 at 03:49:40 PM PST

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