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View Diary: Ken Salazar Cuts Deal with James Dobson (108 comments)

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    This is what they're thinking. Somehow, these Dems aren't quite thinking about AMERICA the ideal, the standard, in peril. It's about their ego, or re-election, or whatever the NSA spying has brought up that they now need to compromise in order to keep it secret. I's short-sightedness, I just don't think they get it, what's happening and what dark path these next THREE YEARS under Bush, with Alito, can go and is most likely to go. I mean..9/11 under their watch. Katrina. Seriously... and Dobson. Who elected him into any office that he should fuck with the Constitution like this, and why is Salazar giving him that much power? Bribery - blackmail - the death knell of the Consitution under these standards.

    He's just..not seeing it, I can only hope it's ignorance, and not something so morally bankrupt. But then..there was Rome...

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