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View Diary: Mindless Diary Recommenders, I'm Calling You Out (261 comments)

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  •  it's not like the list is secret (none)
    and I'm sure DHinMI will delete the diary once enough people have unrecommended the other one and it is off the recommended list.  
    •  What if (4.00)
      the named people don't want to obey and unrecommend? Then we'll end up with diary number 1 AND diary number 2 (talking about diary number 1) on the recommended list. I don't think there's any point in that.

      The points made in this diary could just as well have been made as comments in the original one.

      •  There is a point (none)
        It provides a counterpoint to the original diary. Many people don't read the comments.  They just read the diary itself.
        In any case, I don't think all the people who recommended are so stubborn that they would refuse to unrecommend.  In fact, the diary has started to fall already and will hopefully be gone soon.
        •  I dunno (4.00)
          I also just don't like the feel of this. Naming names. What's next; a diary naming the stupidest commenters of the day?
          •  well, we kinda have that already (none)
            Just check out the hidden comments. :-)
            In any case, I think this was a case of "extraordinary circumstances" given that the original diary contained a completely unsubstantiated and almost certainly false rumor about one of our Senators.
            I think it would have been better had DHinMI just asked the recommenders to unrecommend rather than calling them out and calling them names, but I don't see anything wrong with listing the names or writing a diary pointing out that a recommended diary is complete BS.
      •  Technically, (4.00)
        I believe this is outside MetaJesus's doamin, but it's in the neighborhood.  If diary #2 discusses diary #1, even only to comment on the recommendation of diary #1, then I believe that is a metajesus foul, and he will cry.

        -9.25, -7.54

        Who's a guy got to deny having sex with to get impeached around here?

        by Marc in KS on Thu Jan 26, 2006 at 06:57:33 PM PST

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