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View Diary: Mindless Diary Recommenders, I'm Calling You Out (261 comments)

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  •  I hear you. (4.00)
    I feel pulled in two directions on this.  On one side the site needs to be able to filter out the distracting noise that only pulls away from our credibility.  On the other hand, calling people out can discourage discourse.  

    There need to be forces that discourage people from spreading baseless conspiracy theories, I agree.  Calling people out, however, seems a little over the line, especially when all of the top rated comments on the diary already question its validity.  

    "Calling out" other site users by name in diary titles is prohibited. Diaries which "call out" another by name tend to needlessly inflame. If you feel compelled to address another user's comments or diaries in a diary of your own, please do so cautiously. Avoid ad hominems and stick with substantive, constructive criticism only.

    That's from the standards page you link to.

    I think the diary comments (and especially AAB), were doing a great job of voicing criticism.  I assume you have really thick skin (you must, or you'd probably never sleep).  I feel the need to tell you that when I saw this diary, I said "ooh damn."

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