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  •  Lame (4.00)
    I am sorry, but you ARE too early for post mortems.  Maybe it helps your stature and makes you look extra smart to be offering an analyisis of why we lost before the votes, but it sure as hell does NOT help us.  With this self indulgent post, your approach mirrors that of the corporate media and for that matter those in the Party who were way too quick to conceed defeat.  If you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.  I am sorry to see it because I occasionally think you have thoughtful helpful things to say.

    Impeach Indict Incarcerate

    by 4Isis on Fri Jan 27, 2006 at 08:28:39 AM PST

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    •  Right on, 4Isis (4.00)
      Armando is exactly right that there wasn't enough focus on the core of Alito's problems, and probably right that the votes aren't there, but there is still time...

      I argue for focusing on JUST the "unitary executive."  Democrats and Republicans can all see the problems with this theory.  Don't frame it around Iraq, because it will get KILLED by the "you don't care about America's security camp."  Frame it around POWER.  Use the other person's perspective:

      Imagine someone conservatives hate: maybe Ted Kennedy or Hillary Clinton as president.  Now imagine Judge Alito has eroded the checks and balances of the legislative and judiciary branches.  Understand our wariness now?

      We can't win on "right to privacy" or any other "left wing/right wing" tact.

      Focus on the 2000 speech to The Federalist Society, just days into the presidential recount where Judge Samuel Alito officially submitted his application for Supreme Court Justice.  There are enough people out there who love our Constitution and understand the balance of powers to convince their Senators to vote against someone who espouses this theory.

      Get on the horn to your newspaper and to your Senator.  There's still time...

      •  Armando has it backward. Frist needs 60 yes and (4.00)
        we don't need 41 No votes.

        If some of the Democrats can vote present instead of no, that will still work.

        Frist needs an affirmative 60.    58-32-10 won't make cloture for him.

        The burden is on him.  Armando should update his diary.

        See this example where falling short of 60 votes made the majority leader have to gather more bipartsan support.

        •  Hey Armando (none)
          update the diary like Joan reports suggests...
        •  joan reports (none)
          this info should be a diary all it's own.......
          •  Filibustrer, How To (only you can make it happen!) (2.57)
            First : Call the three Democrats (Mary Landrieu, Ken Salazar, and Dianne Feinstein) who oppose Alito but also said they oppose a filibuster. We must persuade them that a vote against Alito is meaningless if they don't support a filibuster. Senator Salazar (D-CO) 202-224-5852 Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) 202-224-5824 Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) 202-224-3841

            Second : Call your own Democratic Senator: 888-355-3588 or 888-818-6641. If you can't get through, look up the Senator's District Office number in your phone book or here:

            Third : Unbelievably, three Democrats (Ben Nelson, Tim Johnson and Robert Byrd) support Alito! Tell them to either support filibuster or at least "don't get in the way." Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) 202-224-6551 Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) 202-224-3954 Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) 202-224-5842
            888-355-3588 or 888-818-6641. If you can't get through, look up the Senator's District Office number in your phone book or here:

            Fourth: Call the "Red State" Democrats: (Message same as above -- "No" is meaningless) Tom Carper (DE)
            Kent Conrad (ND)
            Byron Dorgan (ND)
            Blanche Lincoln (AR) Mark Pryor (AR)

            Fifth : Call these "Blue State" and pro-choice Republicans: (Message: A "Unitary Executive" is dangerous to balance of powers--please do not get in the way of a filibuster.) Lincoln Chafee (RI)
            Susan Collins (ME)
            Lisa Murkowsky (AK)
            Bob Smith (OR)
            Olympia Snowe (ME)
            Ted Stevens (AK)

            For extra credit, call all of the 2008 Presidential candidates who are sitting Senators--Evan Bayh, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, and John Kerry--and tell them to either LEAD THE FILIBUSTER or KISS YOUR SUPPORT GOODBYE. 888-355-3588 or 888-818-6641. If you can't get through, look up the Senator's District Office number in your phone book or here:

            You can also send that message to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (202-224-2447) and the Democratic National Committee (202-863-8000).
            Polls and public opinion are another way to apply pressure -- get word out about why Alito needs to be filibustered:

            Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. (Click here)

            People for the American Way has collected nearly 65,000 signatures to send to the Senate, please add yours: Save the Court Petition

            John Kerry has endorsed this anti-Alito petition, signers' names will be read into the Congressional Record:

            •  TELL the wafflers they can Abstain on the (4.00)
              cloture vote, and not lend Frist a bipartisan consensus.

              Frist needs 60 affirmative YES votes on MOnday.  Let's not give him a yes.

                  For crying out loud, the IRS started collecting party-ID records for taxpayers last year!

              How much more extraordinary do these times have to get!

            •  Fine, I'll put my comment on speed-dial too. (none)

              this message is intended to inform. any annoyance, abuse, threat, or harassment is solely in the perception of the reader, not the intention of the poster.

              by horsewithnoname on Fri Jan 27, 2006 at 01:16:48 PM PST

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    •  Are you talking to me or Armando?? (none)

      Reigning Welterweight Female Piefighter since 1998

      by ablington on Fri Jan 27, 2006 at 08:47:30 AM PST

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    •  yes (none)
      fuck this front page post - the worst ever.......
    •  you're mistaken (none)
      the post doesn't concede defeat- enough democrats have either disagreed with a filibuster or have given up on one... either way, it's not Armando who's throwing in the towel.

      That said, everyone contact your friends and your possibly helpful Senators, sign petitions, be loud. At least then you can say you said no when he starts stripping our freedoms...

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