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  •  I am not just (none)
    nakedly citing polls.  I was explaining political reality of today, and why the Democrats are unable to effectively confront someone like Judge (Soon to be Justice) Alito
    •  Heh (none)
      Were you now? Yes, patiently explaining it to us were you?

      You know what is funny, you don't even recognize how dangerous your Party is - they are so power mad AND incompetent, that their lack of governing skills will force them to become even more extreme.

      Their hold on power depends on it.

      I predict that in 10 years you will be a Democrat.

      The SCOTUS is extraordinary.

      by Armando on Fri Jan 27, 2006 at 09:45:11 AM PST

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      •  Is that a double or nothing bet? :) (none)
        I can vote either party.  I will not support judges who rule on their personal predelictions instead of text and history of the Constitution.  But if you wish to start converting me, that drink we have scheduled is a good start. :)
        •  Dems' positions on other Bush calamities (none)
          have proven correct. At least we have the documented Alito fight to prove our warning.
          Of course, civilians saluting Bush will be a significant change, but,,,,

          Bush is NOT America!

          by annefrank on Fri Jan 27, 2006 at 10:03:11 AM PST

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          •  Well (none)
            Since I wasn't talking about any other policy point, it's irrelevant.  I do not see myself however supporting "living constitutionalists" who at the end of the day simply make it up.

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