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  •  Thanks for the response. . . :) (none)
    I appreciate you taking the time to answer.

    I'm going to have to disagree with your take on Roe, but 'm happy to read any countervailing evidence you post.  

    The Supreme Court is 100% agreed that human adults are human.  However, it hasn't seen fit to federalize murder statutes except in discrete cases.  This is left to the States.  

    Do you have anyone like Tribe or Sunstein or Scalia or the like who agree with your interpretation of things?  Not even the most stalwart Pro-Lifer that I've known has imagined overturning Roe would ban abortion. . .

    I think the real fear on the Left is the knowledge that the average American has no idea of the actual meaning of Roe and Doe v. Bolton.  They believe abortion is only legal in the 1st trimester, rather than actually fully legal through 9 months thanks to the expansively interpretated 'health' clause.  

    Once the convenient short-hand of Roe is removed, the issue would actually be debated on the merits.  While abortion wouldn't be banned in most states, it would be restricted to the 1st trimester in many, many of them.  Dem rhetoric about public support for abortion is disingenuous -- American opinion is far to the right of them, finding abortion on demand through 9 months abominable (though it's also somewhat to the left of the Republican platform.)

    Again, thanks for the kind response.

    Dissenter = Troll?  Only to the unthinking fanatic.

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