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View Diary: [Updated:] The veto-Alito strategy. Frist must have 60 'Yes' votes (265 comments)

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  •  wtf? (4.00)
    this is a relevant diary, ,for god sakes.

    I might agree with you if it were a personal diary on "how I overcame my idocy and became a dem"

    •  I think (3.00)
      this is spam. We disagree. That's fine.

      ... we now know a lot of things, most of which, we already knew... (-dash888)

      by Tirge Caps on Fri Jan 27, 2006 at 12:21:43 PM PST

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      •  What is your problem (4.00)
        So, you have a problem with someone trying to rally support to oppost a neocon fascist nominee to the Supreme Court!  Who the hell do you think you are.  This is still a free country, at least until Alito gets on the Supreme Court.
        •  But it's not a free blog. (4.00)
          There are rules that have ot be followed, and one is to not spam a huundred threads with the same message.

          There's such a thingas a 'diaries' for calls to action, you know?

          •  man you're a bore (4.00)
            anyone who follows all the rules all the time is a've become a spammer too

            Great diary joan reports........

            •  You need to brush up on your definitions. (4.00)
              "Every post you make uses the word 'and' - you're a spammer!" - not exactly on target.

              what makes dKos great is the amount of information around - presented in an easy to read, easy to browse, relevant way. If we all decided to JudiBot every issue we each hold dear, you wouldn't be able to move for the spam.

              And the idea that we can break the rules now because it's important is the exact sort of hubris that the Republicans use to defend illegal wire-tapping.

              Follow the rules, be impassioned, and use the site properly, and nobody will take issue.

            •  should there be a rule (none)
              about what percentage of the time it's okay not to follow the rules?  And can we then break that rule too?

              Fwiw, I think judybrowni's comment clearly is appropriate on this thread--tho it would be nice if she got her info correct.  But she's posted it so indiscriminately of late that I have a hard time not sympathizing with her detractors.

              •  Hprof (none)
                is that Harvard U or Hunter College ?

                Re: your question - Use your own judgement.

              •  Stop the Spam - Here's why (4.00)
                I just went through 10 inane comments that did not address the diarist.  Spamming is rude to the diarist.  The diarist did research, crafted her/his words and then swallowed hard and posted it.  

                The diarist is looking for cogent, interesting comments that refute or support her claim.  The diarist may be right in his/her analysis or she might be very wrong.  This is what I want to know.

                If you would like to call people to action, set up your own damn website or blog.  Build support for it over the years.  Don't hog valuable comment space or my valuable time with your ad hoc, unorganized, too-late-to-the-game attempt to be a political organizer.

                I am done now.  

                •  this is hilarious.... (none)
                •  Very well said. (none)
                  To quote Goerge Costanza, "You know, we're living in a society here. There are rules."
                  •  rules which he tried to subvert (none)
                    every chance he had....
                    •  I don't get what you're proposing. (4.00)
                      Are you saying we should all break the rules? Because, why? It's cool to do so?

                      The rules are in place to stop this site fro becoming a free-for-all mess. I suggest, rather than trying to be the cool kid behind the bike shed, maybe you need to think about the world in realistic terms.

                      If we can break the rules now, because we feel like it, than Dubya can break the rules on wiretapping too... because it's cool, or something.

                      •  hey, (none)
                        I just pointed out your example of george costanza was totally the opposite of the point you were trying to make.

                        No, common sense should lead you to break a rule or not. Do you ever cross the street Not at the green and maybe in between? If so, you have broken a rule, but if you look both ways and see no traffic coming,what's the big deal, it can save you a few steps.

                        judibrowni's info got me and many others to call/e-mail senators - the good it was doing far outweighed any rule violations regarding posting on threads.Common sense dictates in this situation - with the clock running out, with most people's inclination of doing nothing unless the info is right in their face - to let the info through for people to use.

                      •  mindless obediance to rules (none)
                        makes you a Republican, not a Democrat.

                        In this case I am grateful she is breaking the rule.  And if and when Alito is successfully filibustered it will be because of the passion of people like judybrowni.

                        Rules serve a purpose, but in this case the rule is counterproductive to the values it is supposed to represent.

                        •  will you say that (none)
                          when you get 30 emails a day asking for money from sites she has linked. Or when she gets $$  for every email address she referred?
                        •  Are you nuts? (4.00)
                          We've all been yelling for the impeachment of the President because he thinks he can break the rules when it suits him.

                          How exactly is your support of someone who has spammed over 100 diaries any different?

                          Oh, right. Because you have 'right' on your side... Well the other side thinks that too.

                          We're Democrats. We play by the rules, or didn't you get the memo marked 'Abramoff'?

                          •  Good response. (none)
                            Hey Oz,

                            I'm just dropping this because I want a filibuster as much as anyone and folks on the site have gotten heated to the point where it seems there is no point in further registering my views on Judy spamming the first post on any diary with Alito in it, consistently with mistakes not fixed even with..........

                            The mob has spoken. They want these posts. This nomination is different. I hope to god not every issue that is deemed "different" ends up with this practice.

                            Anyway, I agree with you. I think AA brought up some good points too. Who knows? I'm just not going to fight every knee-jerk reactionary member on this site on this point.


                            ... we now know a lot of things, most of which, we already knew... (-dash888)

                            by Tirge Caps on Sat Jan 28, 2006 at 01:50:29 PM PST

                            [ Parent ]

          •  relevant (none)
            This is relevant to the posted diary and very important! I don't see a problem and found it helpful.
      •  I disagree and here is why (4.00)
        Judy has done more than anyone on this site to get people to sign petitions and call their senators.
        You might want to hear it again, but she has been more effective than any other ten kostafarrians.  The reason for that has been that she has been persistant.  

        Have you called your senators yet?

        •  I have. (none)
          And emailed. And I did it the FIRST time I read JudiBot's post.

          I don't need to be told again, over a hundred times, in over a hundred diaries, with the exact same post. I'm surprised you do.

          •  Why Do You Think The Post Is Just For You? (4.00)
            •  Because I see it on every thread I visit. (none)
              And have for the last week.
              •  Maybe (none)
                you just visit too many damn threads. Some people have lives and just pop in. When they do, I'm glad that there is a fresh thread like this to reach them.
              •  And you've downrated it on every thread too. (none)
                Doesn't that make you a spammer spammer?  

                Make your point and move on, but don't beat a dead horse.  

                Pot, meet kettle.

                •  You don't see the irony about saying that... (none)
         response to a diary asking people to fax, email and call EVERY Senator, multiple times, even if they're not from your home state?

                  Regardless, when the horse is dead, I'll be able to move on. But while she continues to spam old, incorrect information in places she shouldn't, this ass needs kicking.

                  •  Uh, no. I'm Southern and we're a little thick. (4.00)
                    Many Southern states don't have Democratic senatorial representation.  I have contacted senators all over the South on this Alito issue and many other issues in the past -- they need to be reminded that their voice speaks for me too.  I've received many thank you's but never a negative comment because I am not their direct constituent.  

                    Further, I contribute money to candidates all over the country.  If they can ask for and take my money, then they can represent my voice when they vote.  I have no ethics issues with contacting someone in a distant state.

                    Regarding repeating a comment in several threads, would it make you feel better if she changed a few words each time?  Then would it be spam?  Or would she have to change several words?  Or a whole paragraph? That is not the issue here.  The issue is that a message is being sent repeatedly and you only want to hear it once.

                    This Alito confirmation is an exciting cause for everybody.  And we're all into it and wanting to help each other in any minute way we can, so it should be expected that multiple calls to action will abound.  

                    I simply think it is bad form to make a pointed effort to repeatedly downrate a message that is obviously meant to uplift us all.  Judybrowni doesn't have a history of abuse of the system.  However, you clearly have a history of downrating her comments simply because, well simply because whatever your reason is.  Maybe your hat is too tight, heck, I don't know.  Relax.  Take a breath.  Exhale.  

                    This is not an issue we should be arguing about because we're on the same side when it comes to the important stuff. (I just relaxed, took a breath, and exhaled too.  It felt good.)  Now let's commit to expending this much energy to the real cause at hand, shall we?  Friends?  


                    •  Friends is easy. (none)
                      ...If we each listen to each other's perspectives.

                      In answer to your question, yes, if she changed the message each time, it would be fine. If you look back through my ratings, you'll find I never down-rated any message she posted where she was saying something different.

                      Just the 100 or so where she auto-posted, like the suicide diary, which had nothing to do with Alito, and enough people found offensive to troll-rate her post out of existence.

                      Look, I've had causes where I wanted to tell everyone to join me and do something great, and you know what I did?

                      I wrote a diary, put a lot of effort into it, pimped it on the open thread (once), stuck it in my signature, and it was recommended enough times to not only get on the front page here for a few days, but also get cross-posted in places like Booman and My Left Wing.

                      That's how you spread the word. And if JudiBot wants to do that, I'll join her in the fight, like I have dozens of others previously.

                      But what I can't take is A) the info she's posting is days old, and now inaccurate, B) the numbers and names she's posting are not all correct, C) she's been asked dozens of times by people here to change those errors and won't even reply to the posts, and D) when she's asked to stop, she won't.

                      For mine, that's not cool. Good message or not, impassioned activism or not, that's just not up to the standard we should be demanding of ourselves.

                      And I think, in saying so, I shouldn't be accused of having my hat on too tight. If anything, I should be respected enough to be heard, understood, and acknowledged as being every bit as concerned with the cause as anyone else.


                      •  Practice what You Preach (none)
                        you nasty little downrater. I have repaid your two 1's with two zeroes. You apparently awarded me the 1's for giving you a 2 when you complained that a member of the community was spamming and also downrated her.

                        I will revise your zeroes if you do the same with the 1's.

                        Canada - where a pack of smokes is ten bucks and a heart transplant is free.

                        by dpc on Sat Jan 28, 2006 at 03:45:46 AM PST

                        [ Parent ]

                        •  Some helpful info for you from the dKos guideline (2.33)
                          •  No repetitive diaries. If it's been blogged or diaried, there's no need to repeat it. Take a moment to ensure your topic hasn't been blogged. And if you post your same diary entry twice, consider it grounds for banning.

                          • A 0 is a "super-troll" comment.  Generally speaking, 0s are reserved for auto-generated comments, or for comments that serve no other purpose than to sow hurt, confusion and dissent among the posters.

                          If you're going to downrate a legitimate complaint with a 2, because you disagree with the message (contrary to dKos rules), and then use a 0 as retribution for being rated yourself (contrary to dKos rules), in defense of a commenter who has spammed her post on over 100 different diaries (contrary to dKos rules), I'd suggest to you that the nasty one is you.

                          Zero away, 'trusted user'. Ain't no thang, to me.

          •  NOT EVERYONE (4.00)
            posts here on a daily basis.  Not everyone who has seen Judy's post used the information the first time.  
            This is not about you.
            •  You're right. It's not about me. (2.00)
              It's about the rules.

              And the rules say you don't post the same thing in a hundred different threads.

              If you want people to see her info, put it in a diary and recommend it up. Or front page it.

              Don't spam it.

            •  why (none)
              Why is she linking to referrer pages that track the referrals to her account?

              call me a skeptic...oh wait you have...but when I see her in first place on top referrer lists on sites I've never heard of asking you to add your email address I reckon there is more going on here than we are being told.

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