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View Diary: [Updated:] The veto-Alito strategy. Frist must have 60 'Yes' votes (265 comments)

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  •  Easy 2 minutes to get 12 to it NOW (4.00)
    Time is short, the stakes are high; you only need to fill out 1 form to send
    12 faxes automatically

    .... use THIS link

    to reach 12 key senators ...

    Senator Kerry has boldly called for a filibuster of the Alito nomination.
    Heeding our calls to do everything possible to defeat Alito, Kerry has asked
    that activists now help convince his colleagues to join him.  Please contact
    12 key senators who can provide critical support to the filibuster effort by
    clicking on

    Then forward this email to anyone you know who is worried that Alito would
    likely condone the abuse of power by the president, vote to overturn Roe v.
    Wade, and help curtail Congress' ability to protect the civil rights,
    health, safety, and welfare of the American people.

    We must stand together and act now to prevent Senate Republican leaders from
    ramming this nomination through the Senate -- Time is of the essence.

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