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View Diary: [Updated:] The veto-Alito strategy. Frist must have 60 'Yes' votes (265 comments)

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  •  You need to brush up on your definitions. (4.00)
    "Every post you make uses the word 'and' - you're a spammer!" - not exactly on target.

    what makes dKos great is the amount of information around - presented in an easy to read, easy to browse, relevant way. If we all decided to JudiBot every issue we each hold dear, you wouldn't be able to move for the spam.

    And the idea that we can break the rules now because it's important is the exact sort of hubris that the Republicans use to defend illegal wire-tapping.

    Follow the rules, be impassioned, and use the site properly, and nobody will take issue.

    •  I agree with you (none)
      Plus I think she is in some contest. She has been posting this same thing for weeks. Last week I clicked on one of the links and it was to HER referrer page with HER tally of referrals.

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