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View Diary: [Updated:] The veto-Alito strategy. Frist must have 60 'Yes' votes (265 comments)

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  •  hey, (none)
    I just pointed out your example of george costanza was totally the opposite of the point you were trying to make.

    No, common sense should lead you to break a rule or not. Do you ever cross the street Not at the green and maybe in between? If so, you have broken a rule, but if you look both ways and see no traffic coming,what's the big deal, it can save you a few steps.

    judibrowni's info got me and many others to call/e-mail senators - the good it was doing far outweighed any rule violations regarding posting on threads.Common sense dictates in this situation - with the clock running out, with most people's inclination of doing nothing unless the info is right in their face - to let the info through for people to use.

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