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  •  And? (4.00)
    Byrd is a Democrat, albeit of the conservative variety, but a Democrat nonetheless.  Byrd claims to have a deep and profound love of the Constitution and yet he's going to back a man who all but guarantees the destruction of that Constitution?

    It doesn't jibe and Byrd needs to be made to reconsider his support of Alito.

    •  Maybe it's you (3.00)
      and yet he's going to back a man who all but guarantees the destruction of that Constitution?
      Ohh come on now.

      That's just absurd.  Let's enter the reality based community.

      Alito is going to tilt the court to the right, at least as much as a Roberts, probably as much as a Thomas, maybe as much as a Scalia.  

      But to suggest he is going to overthrow the government and oust the Constitution is just..'s not reality.

      Think of it like this.  Bryd has been a servant of the Senate and a really pretty good Senator; almost a stateman at times, over his long career.

      Maybe he's not the one wrong in believe that Alito won't be the end of the Republic.  Maybe it's you.

      •  Oh? (4.00)
        With Alito on the Court, we will see a shift hard right... absolutely.

        But the Constitution separates powers equally between the three branches of government.  Alito espouses a theory that vests all power into the Executive branch while watering down the power of the Legislative.  And the Court, with a hard right majority, will rubber stamping the atrocities this Administration will continue to commit.  Wiretapping?  Guess what, it'll be legal.  Rounding up political dissenters?  Legal.

        So tell me, if the Court validates the Administration's push to weaken the Legislative branch while strengthening the Executive, how is that not destroying the Constitution?

        You may be right, it may just be me overreacting.  But then again, maybe you simply aren't paying close enough attention or taking the threat seriously enough.

        •  Scalito are different. (4.00)
          Thomas is ornery and narrow.

          Scalia and Alito have profoundly dangerous opinions about the Constitution.

          The best hope (small) is that Roberts turns out to be not so bad.

        •  all power in the executive? (none)
          Where in Alito's statements or writings has he ever said that?  Let's keep the discussion factual.
          •  Are You Serious? (4.00)
            Where were you during the discussion about the theory of the Unitary Executive Alito subscribes to?  

            Seriously, pull your head out and pay attention.

            •  Check his posting history (4.00)
              Ought to clear things up for you.

              Rove: the only real stones he has are in his kidneys.

              by MissAnneThrope on Fri Jan 27, 2006 at 04:16:44 PM PST

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              •  nice comment (none)
                I am willing to bet you can't source a single comment or writing of Alito where he has ever said the executive should assume the power of the legislative.  

                I like to keep my political discussion based in fact and not wide-eyed hyperbole.  But that's just me.  

                •  Calling 'em like I see them (4.00)
                  He advocates for usurpation of power by the executive with his "signing statements" suggestion during Reagan's reign.

                  Article 1 of the Constitution states: "All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States." According to the Washington Post, Alito, ignoring the plain meaning of "all legislative powers," argued in a 1986 memo written for the Reagan Administration that the President should "routinely issue statements about the meaning of statutes when he signs them into law" to grant the President "the last word" in order to "increase the power of the Executive to shape the law."

                  You may dispute that it's a statement intending for the President to assume that power, but many people would disagree.

                  Rove: the only real stones he has are in his kidneys.

                  by MissAnneThrope on Fri Jan 27, 2006 at 04:40:55 PM PST

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                •  you can't source a single comment (4.00)
                  How would you interpret:

                  At a Federalist Society symposium in 2001, Alito recalled that when he was in the Office of Legal Counsel in Ronald Reagan's White House, "we were strong proponents of the theory of the unitary executive, that all federal executive power is vested by the Constitution in the President."

                  "Fear grows in darkness; if you think there's a bogeyman around, turn on the light." -- Dorothy Thompson

                  by gabriella on Fri Jan 27, 2006 at 07:04:28 PM PST

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              •  You're Right (none)
                It does clear things up for me.  
      •  Constitution (4.00)
        Alito has made it clear that he will let Bush violate the Constitution and not stop him, because he believes in the Unitary President.  This is a very serious situation!
      •  heresy (none)
        You should know it's heresy on kos to believe that a man who has seen half a century of political battles -- seen Presidents, justices, nations, life or death isues etc. come and go -- somehow shouldn't believe that the issue de jour will spell the end of the Republic.  Heresy.
        •  he is also a man who supported racist views (none)
          until he saw the light, so he's not above reproach for being on the wrong side of history.
          •  Maybe he relates to Alito's past (none)
            Bigotry and misogyny? Not to impugn Byrd's reputation, because at least he was involved in that kind of group when it was less controversial than today. Not like, say, putting it on his resume in the 80's.

            Rove: the only real stones he has are in his kidneys.

            by MissAnneThrope on Fri Jan 27, 2006 at 04:45:26 PM PST

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            •  I don't get into that- and we don't need to go the (none)
              way of the worst parts of the other side and put him down. I simply think his decision is run, and he needs to be convinced of it. that was my point- that he is just wrong on this issue, and anyone asking us to shut up simply because he's older misses the point that he has not always been wiser. as my great grandmother says- you can be a fool when you are both young and old. and thats what I think needs to be understood here
        •  Byrd and us (none)
          I think you're kind of on the point here:  Robert Byrd has a very long life in public service, and it seems like a few of us think he's one of "us" because of a few relatively recent (compared to a 50+ year career) speeches castigating Dubya & Dubettes.  

          He may be disappointing us, but I think he'd have to be more one of us to betray us.

      •  Pay Attention (4.00)
        to the POWER already claimed and used by the President and consider your position if YOU disagreed with whoever was in power.  OH, come on now.  You are not paying attention to facts. Byrd wants to think that Alito is a good guy and probably he is but his ideas have a dangerous consequence.  Alito's wife cried for Alito.  I am crying for my country.

        Those who sleep and dream do not know that they can wake up.

        by Gram E on Fri Jan 27, 2006 at 04:00:38 PM PST

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        •  Sweet irony......... (4.00)
          Oh that the pendulum swings and the Dems come to power and ascend to the throne, with the very tools being shaped and hammered today on the anvil of greed and lust for power. Then shall we see the gnashing of teeth and the pitiful cries of the FOX pundits at the injustice of it all.

          But by then it may be too late. Because we trade our freedom for safety from imagined and manufactured dragons. In the quest of winning we lost our balance; and in the balance was the taming of powerful forces.

          And as every apprentice of power knows, once the bottle is opened, the genie has his own agenda.

          Woe to those who deign to tamper with these forces and trade away the future for the expediency of the moment.

      •  Bush has already shredded the Constitution (none)
        Now who's going to tape it back together?

        Who's going to stop the U.S. from torturing people with impunity? Who's going to stand up for your right to privacy? Who's going to win back the right of Congress, not the President, to make law in this country?

        You'd have to have been in a coma the last six years to be as optimistic as you are.

        •  It's reality (none)
          You know, it's not optimism, it's reality.

          The reality is that America has been titled far right by incompetent leadership.

          Everyone wants to pretend this is as bad it gets, the republic is dead, etc.

          It's because most people here have no sense of scale of whats going on.

          Bush is bad.  He is destructive and destroys almost everything he touches.

          But the country will do just fine.  We've survived far, far, far worse and come through better than ever.  

          Just pick out any example.  The depression; either of the great wars, Vietnam, Watergate, the Civil War, the Boxer Rebellion, Whiskey Rebellion, the Red Scare, the missle crisis, etc.  

          Who's going to stop the U.S. from torturing people with impunity?
          I'll you fucking who.  How about this.  The people, you dunce.  First, through the Congress.  2006 is coming up.  If that fails, the Constitution was designed to be amended.

          Who's going to stand up for your right to privacy? Who's going to win back the right of Congress, not the President, to make law in this country?
          The answer, you dunce.  We have one party rule you moron.  That's why Congress is passing over it's power. But that's why we have Bush doing what he wants - he fears not a Congress that is hostile to him.  Already you can see the gears turning against him - '06 looms large and these bozos want to stay in office.  That's why you have a steady tide of GOP defectors.  

          I don't mean to be rude, but this whole conversation just reaks of political inexperience.  Or just general newness.  Everyone around here thinks that whatever latest misdeed by Bush is the end of the Republic.

          It's time for everyone to take a dose of reality.  Bush is the worst president in generations; he'll be gone by 2008.  The GOP is incapable of being a majority part.  They can be gone from office in a matter of months.

          And that's that.  The Republic will survive.  Our institutions survive.

      •  I will hold you to your comforting fantasy. (none)
        I will call for you when the going gets tough and Roe v. Wade is dust and the wiretaps are upheld as executive power.

        Have a great night. (Can you pass that joint over here?)

        "It is a fair presumption that secrecy means impropriety." Woodrow Wilson

        by Percheronwoman on Fri Jan 27, 2006 at 05:24:37 PM PST

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        •  So what (none)
          Roe v Wade is overturned.

          Does that make abortion illegal, or remove the penumbra of privacy created by Griswold or enforced by Roe and Casey?

          Hardly.  It means a new fight, and a new move.  It's time to go to the states.

          And if the courts rule wiretapping legal, so what.  It's time to go back to Congress.  They can ban it.  If they can't, then it's time to amendmend the Constitution.

          This is reality, and the reality is, you face adversity and admit the true scope of the problem.

          The situation is that Bush is a desperate failure, whose policies and plans are begging to be thrown out.  And that's going to happen, one way or another, by 2008.

      •  Danheskett (none)
        Now you are being absurd.  Alito believes in a unilateral executive power.  You need to read up on what that means.
        •  That's a fucking (none)
          lie and you know it.

          He believes the Constitution and the law envisions a more powerful executive, and that's how his rulings read.

          You can live in the fake world, or you can live in reality.

          The reality is not that Bush had a master grand plan to nominate Meirs, wait for her to be destoryed, and then nominate Alito to the bench, all in case his secret 4 year spying program was revealed at just the wrong time and he needed someone to crown him King.

          Get real.  Alito is a conservative, somewhere beteween Scalia and Thomas, or maybe on the same level as Scalia.

          Have the moved the court right?  Yes, absolutely.  Did they installed Bush as literal monarch as people around here claim?


      •  Differences of opinion on kos (none)
        are one thing...

        but that comment is way out of the mainstream.

        "Absurd" to believe that Scalito wishes to overturn 217 years of constitutional protections? No, it's exactly what he's proven throughout his career.

        •  It's (none)
          absurd to believe he is literally the end of the Republic.

          As if his whole plan has been to slowly rise through the judical branch to someday, somehow, defeat the Republic.

          It's garbage.

          He's a right-wing judge with a track record of supporting the government and excluding Congress from it's traditional role.

          Yes, a bad man for the court.

          But the end of the court?  The end of the Republic?

          Come now.

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