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  •  I bet those families of the miners (4.00)
    killed there recently are having second thoughts about basing their votes on things like gay marriage and more on issues that might help themselves.

    The Republican Party: The Bridge to Nowhere

    by flounder on Fri Jan 27, 2006 at 03:56:31 PM PST

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    •  Then... (none)
      Why would those families support Byrd who voted to confirm a nominee who consistently rules in favor of corporations including coal mining companies?
    •  Exactly the point (4.00)
      This is what Senators Kennedy and Kerry need to take up with Senator Byrd, assuming he is voting YES to confirm Judge Alito for political survival.

      First, his opponent may have the money of the Repugs behind him, but the man has already said he was running on a pro-business platform and would encourage LESS regulation.  That will not help the miners or any other workers in the state of West Virginia; for this reason he should be differentiating himself from his opponent by standing up for the rights of workers.

      Second, if he was worried about money and trying to offset a difficult and expensive campaign by compromising for swing votes, we need to know this so that we can step up and fill the financial gap.

      Lastly, Senator Byrd needs to remember that it's not about him or his political career, or even to some extent his constituents; it's about the Constitution and the threat to it that unchecked Presidential power will pose, either through the SCOTUS interpretation of a unitary/unilateral executive or through the abuse of signing statements.  This is the very nature of Advise and Consent -- being the co-equal check and balance on the power of other branches.  Even in Senator Byrd's lengthy career there have been few times that a firm check has been required, but this is one of those times.  We need him to stand firm with us.

      •  Forgot about a specific case (4.00)
        There was a case where Judge Alito dissented, interpreting differently the role of a mine worker.  Because the miner worked with coal above ground, Alito did not believe that regulations protecting miners applied to this particular person.

        Coal dust is just as flammable above ground as below.  Coal mining and related earth moving equipment is just as dangerous above ground as below.  Miners below ground require counterparts above ground; that is the nature of mining.

        A justice who did not grasp this will not be in the best interest of the working men and women of the state of West Virginia, let alone any other state.  The miner in question was fortunate that Alito was in the minority; we may not be so blessed should Alito be confirmed.

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