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View Diary: Thank You for Helping To Stop Alito (497 comments)

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    This was my reaction, too.

    Anyone who won't step up and stop Alito is abandoning not just "liberal" constituents, but in the end, all Americans.

    Alito is not normally inclined to be a friend to the average American in court.  He is not a friend to those accused of crimes by the government; he is not a friend to those who seek civil justice.  Only when the law is crystal clear on the side of the "little guy" will the little guy win.  Give Alito an inch of that sweet ol' "ambiguity" and he'll side with the government, the executive, or the insurance company, or the employer--every time.

    But all some folks can think about when they hear "Alito" are blastocysts, zygotes and fetuses, OH MY!!!  

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