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  •  CRYSTAL. Please ReView: Delineates O U T R A G E. (none)
    My RePorts:
    Graham coached Alito.Questioner whenWife Cried. Media Tags-Dems. Vicious

    eXposing GOP/CorpMedia Manipulation of Public Perception of a critical moment in a
    Judicial Hearing that will influence TheSupremeCourt, and legal climate for decades!

    The Truth Is Outside Our Selves
    The Law Is Above and Between OurSelves, the law is king
    we have to discover truth and adhere to just law
    can't say one group owns the law, owns, privatizes the truth
    To oppressively ImPose upON All
    law is the relational contract, permitting fair, open inquiry for deciding
    on good, just Paths to amble
    We Have To Let The Truth OWN Us! and The Law GUIDE Us!
    and when we do discover some truths, they are not are posession, nor are we posessed by It, owned, but only quest to Not use but Utilize "truths" to
    Prosper, at all holistic levels of frutuitous worthy endeavors.

    now this next little intro will be refined later, but here is gist

    to be sneaky, to cheat, deceive, force, trick, to impose, unpopular, rigid, self-serving, hidden idealogical agenda's in a "backhand" manner, cuz of lust and hostage to BigDough, tells me One is not sure they are doing the right thing and most likely do NOT have the Truth or the Law on their side, NOR best intent to: AdMinister, the Sincere, Judicious Pursuit in,
    The Promotion of the General WellFare!

    that is the reason for the rest of the research here and why it must and will, at least by me, when time...permits... BE Studied and expanded upon.

    One-Party Rule hides, manipulates, denigrates, obfuscates The Truth, and tries to "rig" and stifle open inquiry, and possibilities of entering the path in the quest for truths.
    Doing So & Ruling So, CUZ...! this tyrannical Assault, is so antithetical, contradictory to the Best characteristics of The American "experiment".

    When this InFormation, ReaLizations is freely obtained, discerned from The ocean of ever-livin'-lovin', Ether, borealis of conscioUSness we all Co-Exist In.

    So it is natural & inevitable that this Ominous DictatorShift CAN BE CoLLapsed inTO It's Own, self-CoNtraDictory CoNuN d r u m!

    a wise young man once imparted this to me:

    we wake up to realize, that, TheRevolution, has, just, already, happened.
    DON't sap It, T A P IT



    !~~~ As Sen. Kerry says, NOW, not later IS-THE~T I M E to CLEAR THIS FOUL AIR, HASH-IT-OUT, in the once "worlds greatest deliberative body" for as it becomes kNOWn, what poliTac-Tics were USED to Obstruct The Process and further 'stain' that increasingly Inquisitorial leaning court, it will be a little more difficult, to clean up the Stains and ReSist:: The Rebellion Against P r o g r e s s

    *Indeed, if Alito's theories are followed to their logical conclusion, the American people no longer possess the "unalienable rights" guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but rather their liberties exist only at the forbearance of Bush or a successor, at least as long as the ill-defined War on Terror continues.*

    and; "PDA: Kerry Now Says He Supports Filibuster on Alito"

    The nearer any disease approaches to a crisis,
    the nearer it is to a cure.
    Danger and deliverance make their advances together,
    and it is only the last push,
    in which one or the other takes the lead.

    ~Thomas Paine

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