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View Diary: Open letter to WaPo's Brady: why are 420 posts still hidden? (122 comments)

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  •  the press... (4.00)
    ...didn't get to be like this by accident. the right-wing has been pounding them for some 20 years, until it just became easier to write within right-wing frames than to face another round of abuse. being nice about giving time to reflect was never part of the plan.

    we've got a lot of catching up to in the working-the-refs department. it may not always be pretty, but not easing up is part of it.

    the media has show it can't keep its backbone straight when continuously pressured from the right. the only solution is to put some continuous pressure on that backbone from the other side.

    •  I agree wholeheartedly (none)
      about not easing up.  Look at my signature.

      But at some point, you do reach a point of diminishing returns on a certain issue.  I think this is one we can continue to fall back on as an example in the future, just like Fox always tries to reach back to the Dan Rather incident.

      But Brady is unreachable right now.  He was a disaster in the chat with Jane. And guess what, he probably knows it, unless he has a bunch of yes men working for him.  Will he ever admit, who knows? But he will have to live with himself.  

      In the end, I think it is clear at this point that we have made our point.  I can only imagine the uproar if Howell or Brady try a stunt like this again in the near future.

      By all means, it doesn't hurt to continue trying to get the facts and I hope jukeboxgrad continues to do.

      Chris Matthews must apologize! --- Join the Google Bomb

      by justmy2 on Sat Jan 28, 2006 at 01:11:06 AM PST

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      •  asdf (none)
        I mostly agree with your assessment, but it's not just about the returns on this one. It's also about making the Post and everyone else think twice before printing RNC talking points as news, or insulting liberal readers.

        We have to make then as least somewhat cautious about getting us riled up, given that their number one consideration in every decision they make is the pathological fear of hearing the accusation of 'liberal media' yet again from the wingnuts or from Republican politicians.

        I think we can have some success at this, but we'll only come close to matching the effectiveness of the Republicans at 'working the refs' when mainstream Democratic politicians join in regularly (like their Republican counterparts do) to give us more legitimacy and punch. Only Gore, Pelosi and Dean have done it a little bit. It needs to be many, many more of them, and much, much more frequently.

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