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View Diary: Open letter to WaPo's Brady: why are 420 posts still hidden? (122 comments)

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  •  now this, i do believe... (none)
    is definitely the MFpoint - if i may be acronymically profane.  Brady should soon feel the public wrath of calm, unartful lying.  
    Has he been getting PR advice from Scotty McC?

    Darn fine sleuthing, jukeboxgrad.

    <mysig> Scotty on Spygate: "It is what it is.  And previously it was something invisible; later on it might be something much different than what it was"
    *Please note this is not actual text, but rather a possible BS Detector result</mysig>


    ps - and speaking of Mr.McPantload... I NEED MY FIX, KE!!

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