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View Diary: Open letter to WaPo's Brady: why are 420 posts still hidden? (122 comments)

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  •  Archive Found! (4.00)
    First of problem.   You are doing all of the heavy lifting.

    Now to the important part.

    After a bunch of searches, I located the follwing cached version of the Problems With Comment Publishing thread

    The interesting tidbit I recognized during my search this morning was that almost all of the other Post blog threads have been removed from cache in Yahoo, Wayback, and Google.

    Now, that makes almost zero sense.  Do you know if this is automated or if someone needs to explicitly remove these archives?  

    Of course, the antenna goes up even more when you realize the one thread that hasn't been heavily discussed is still sitting there in the Yahoo cache.

    My first instinct was to not even post this link here.  But instead, I have copied off a local copy of the cache, in case the cached version should mysteriously disappear, like all of the others.  If it does, that may be another piece of the puzzle.

    There are some interesting posts in this thread.  However, I still believe there are missing posts here as well.  I have yet to track down my comment asking Paul to cool off while raising another point.  He responded with a very critical follow up if I remember correctly.  Can you check in your Maryland Moment threads for a post from me, semi-directed to Paul.

    I will continue looking around and let you know if I find anything.

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help out.

    Chris Matthews must apologize! --- Join the Google Bomb

    by justmy2 on Sat Jan 28, 2006 at 10:54:34 AM PST

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    •  Very helpful, thank you (4.00)
      Nice job digging this up. It contains 55 messages I hadn't seen before.

      Yahoo archives have a tendency to go away (I discussed this in an earlier diary). Not a problem, though. Thanks to you, I've now had a chance to create a local archive. I know you have, too.

      I also just tried to post that archive at the same site ( that I've been using to share various other archives. Ironically, that site is down. Not a problem, though. Everything is saved locally, so I can always find another server to host everything, if it comes to that.

      Here's a complete list of the questionable words that can be found in these 55 messages: a$$coverer, bulls**t, bullshit, crapola, FUCK, Heck, heckuva, Keee-RIST!, whore, whore, whores. Needless to say, though, most of the messages are 100% non-profane.

      It's interesting to find "fuck." That's the first time. In my diary above, I had assumed that the software filter was able to find "fuck." I guess the software filter couldn't reliably do even that. Another sign of sloppiness and lack of preparation on Brady's part.

      "the one thread that hasn't been heavily discussed is still sitting there in the Yahoo cache"

      I don't know the details of how these various archives work, but I think your observation is significant.

      "Can you check in your Maryland Moment threads for a post from me, semi-directed to Paul."

      Aside from your post in the archive you just found, the only other post I can find from you, anywhere, is here, still online.

      That doesn't prove anything; the available archives are far from complete.

      In fairness to Brady, I should correct something I said recently. I said the comments in "Problems With Comment Publishing" need to be added to the 420.

      That's incorrect. WaPo reported a total of 1,500 posts. The messages in "Problems With Comment Publishing" are presumably part of that total, not above and beyond that total. My mistake.

      "You are doing all of the heavy lifting"

      I've done some work, but I've had tons of help, which deserves acknowledgement. Great credit is due to the hundreds of people who spoke up. That's where it all started. And I deeply appreciate the ongoing support of the Kos community. It means a lot.

      Various people (including you) have uncovered or saved various archives. That's obviously a major part of this process.

      I can't say enough about Jane Hamsher. She made all the difference when she elicited certain crucial statements from Brady. I already knew all the "offensive" messages had been publicly displayed, but it's extremely helpful that Jane put him up against the wall and forced him to admit it. That's crucial. Jane handled the situation brilliantly. She's made an enormous contribution to this process, in more ways than one. She deserves every bit of the success she's achieving, and much, much more.

      Suggestion to everyone reading this: read her blog now. She's awesome.

      And vote for Firedoglake, here, in the category "best weblog about politics" (although she's up against some worthy competition).

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