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View Diary: Thank You for Helping To Stop Alito (Reposted) (226 comments)

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  •  Thanks to you, Ted Kennedy & (4.00)
    Sen. Kerry, for standing up and doing what is right for America!

    I truly believe that this is a watershed vote and that Alito is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Republicans are trying to slide this man through the Supreme Court portals as if he were just another nice guy, smart, reasonable.

    But we know he is not what he seems as your comments have so well revealed. He tries to distance himself from past views such as on his 1985 job application saying that was said to get the job. Well that shows he will say anything to get a job by his own admission and should not be believed. He has no integrity by his own word.

    Sam Alito is a dangerous addition to the SCOTUS. His position on the UNITARY EXECUTIVE theory is the most dangerous thing he brings to the court. We are fighting for our Republic. It is said that he line between democracy and tyranny is very thin. There are intimations of tyranny from the Bush administration almost daily and if people in fear allow tyranny to flourish there is no telling where its reign will stop. It frankly scares me for the future of my country as nothing else ever has in my 62 years.

    Our democracy seems out of our hands now with the Republican leadership's perverse rule in Congress, not allowing any oversight, promoting great access to lobbyists with insider deals, increasing earmarks in a corrupt manner, driving up oil costs and harming citizens to provide obscene profits for the oil industry, passing bills purporting to help Americans with drug costs that end up giving our money to the pharmaceutical industry, trashing government departments with political appointees placed in important positions for which they have no knowledge or experience, trashing our environmental laws, bankrupting our nation, paying off the military-industrial complex with wars, going to war on the basis of lies and distortions, and spying on peaceful citizens.

    Our nation's leaders have taken us seriously off track and the people know it. Now our leaders such as yourself and others need to stand up and tell them things must change. Filibustering Alito is a major and vital step. With Alito on the bench of the Supreme Court we are in grave danger of losing many more rights, and we who are poor and disadvantaged are the ones who will lose the most.

    You have been the most stallwart and courageous fighter for right in the Congress. You have enormous integrity in my book for standing up and speaking from your conscience and heart for the rights of the people, for the people. Without you it would have been even more bleak much of the time. Your pre-war speech about Iraq is just one example of your telling us what would happen if Bush did what he wanted to do. And you were so right!! Many people seem to forget these things. but many of us remember too!

    Keep fighting for us! We know we can count on you!

    Sen. Feinstein gave a great speech in the senate on Friday which summed up the reasons against Alito very well. I hope she will be prominent in the filibuster.

    God bless you.

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