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View Diary: Thank You for Helping To Stop Alito (Reposted) (226 comments)

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  •  I agree, they're a lost cause (none)
    These red state "Democrats apparently are under such pressue from the religios right and corporations that they feel they cannot stand for the core principles of their party.  This vote is the most important vote of our generation, possibly of our lifetime.

    The Democrats have hoped to hold onto enough Southern and redstate senators to come to power again, but if catering to these backwards and regressive states, (many exceptions, but the wingnuts are in the majority), means we have to abandon progressive principles to win, what good does that do.

    Our future would be better served in picking up seats in more progressively friendly states such as Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Maine-unfortunately the South and the Mountain West and plains states, as long as the religious right has hijacked true religious and spiritual values in those traditinally religious Bible belt areaa, do not allow candidates to adhere to or feel safe in maintaining progressive values.

    We need to let these Republican-lite Senators join the Republican party and go where we can elect truly loyal and progressive senators in the future.

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