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  •  Highly informative, as usual (4.00)
    Well done, Darksyde.  I am a firm supporter of non-governmental organizations and what is called "Civil Society."  It's nice to be introduced this morning to the National Center for Science Education and Dr. Elsberry and to know these folks are organized and activist.  

    As an a-religous person, I'll leave the accomodation of religion and science for those who have a dog in the hunt.  What I do support is a rigid separation between church and state.  

    For the past several years I've been following up on my now deceased mother's geneology studies of our family.  Since her Irish ancestors came to the New World (a film I'm going to see this afternoon, yippie!) in 1628, that's led me back to the Protestant reformation and the ensuing bloody religous wars.  

    My ancestor, Benjamin Cooley, was indeed a Puritan involved in the original Massachusetts Bay Colony - though he broke off with others to form the colony at Springfield.

    While it is certainly true that the Puritans did not come to New England to establish a "rigid separtion between church and state" - they did come as a result of persecution, including murder, at the hands of the state.

    More Americans should study the history of this nation to understand more clearly what we have accomplished by our principle of separation, and what bloody acts become likely when we give this principle up.  

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