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    I love it!  Go down fighting if necessary.  Kerry has the lead.  He has the conviction not the media smear of politics.  That is all the rethugs know, smear, slime, vilify, divert.  You know when you've gotten to them when the media starts it's smear campaign.  Fear is a big part of the media.  I believe that there are some good reporters out there that they are cowed by the corporate interests in their program or publication. They get slapped every time they go off page by the Repugs.  The power of the Bushco is pervasive and abhorrent.  Then there are the "owned and operated" by the Bushco reporters like O'Reilly and Matthews.  Rove must have stock in them and also did anyone ever find out who gave alito all that oil stock?

    The shrub needs to be pulled he is terrifying

    by libbie on Sat Jan 28, 2006 at 10:19:18 AM PST

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