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  •  I've said similar before... (none)
    Schmitt argued that liberals, properly speaking, can never be political. Liberals tend to be optimistic about human nature, whereas "all genuine political theories presuppose man to be evil." Liberals believe in the possibility of neutral rules that can mediate between conflicting positions, but to Schmitt there is no such neutrality, since any rule -- even an ostensibly fair one -- merely represents the victory of one political faction over another.

    I've said similar before.  And I'll say it again... only fascism can deal with fascism.

    Until people realize that it's much more than Carl Schmitt, the neo-conservatives, and imperialism then they won't understand the political reality we live in today.

    The moral decay of America coincides nearly exactly with that of Germany 1933.  Torture with little outrage, or looked upon as merely "bad luck?"  Check.  Little concern with decaying civil rights, such as Patriot Act?  Check.

    It's not just a political movement, but a social one as well.

    And I think really soon now, our economic system is going to turn around.  Many of the people around Bush are honestly trying to attack the government itself.  And it seems nothing is stopping them, as we slide further into debt hitting our debt ceiling again in February.

    Clearly, we are heading towards totalitarianism this year.

    What's also interesting is Hitler's "big lie" technique.  Karl Rove has used this tactic before in a campaign long before Bush where he distributed flyers attacking his own party campaigner.  Thus, he created a backlash against the opponent and offered the opponent no easy way to explain the situation (i.e. how do you say "my opponent distributed flyers attacking themselves to make me look bad?").  No one would buy it.  Hence, the  "big lie."

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