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  •  Senators care about contact from constituents (4.00)
    Better to get 10 others from your own state to call, fax, or write.

    Better to send something written personally.

    That is, if you really want them to pay more attention.


    •  I am so sick of hearing this (none)
      This really isn't against you personally, just my frustration over reading this the last few days.  I'm in Europe, so I am writing on my first cup of coffee and polite social filters just aren't activated yet.  I do agree with your alternative steps to take, and I do agree that being a constituent carries more weight.


      1.  I am personally invested in out-of-state politicians.  I donate money and time.  They should take note of my call, even if it has to be on a second-place-non-constituent list.

      2.  Prioritizing calls is a good idea, but it doesn't hurt to try others.  Momentum.

      3.  Those with national ambition need to listen to what we say.  Weren't the calls to Clinton worth it?  Was it really just New Yorkers who influenced her?

      4.  These people also represent our party.  When we get to the vote on Alito, then vote the will of your constituents.  But the cloture vote is party vision and strategy--we should therefore have a say.

      And I haven't even touched on the ramifications for all Americans if ALito is confirmed, or the effect of real-world decisions.

      For those who feel they have made the phone calls they can or that this part of the campaign is worthless to them, I encourage you to start on the media.

      •  I am getting ready to head overseas... (none)
        where are you?

        As for your substance, I will just say that members of congress with a national constituency should be more receptive to all voters.  Like those on the Judiciary Committee or those in leadership positions.

        However, when most see that the contact is not from a constituent, they do not pay as much attention.  The sad fact of life.

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