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  •  Believe me, I've tried... (none)
    the logical, point-by-point letters nicely asking Congressmen to do this or vote for that, defy the administration, help push through Katrina bills, focus on national health care - but frankly, I'm starting to run out of patience.

    Don't worry, I'm a firm believer in civility in letters, blogging, posts, whatever - name-calling just degenerates and demeans a debate and the important issues it may espouse.  But lately I feel like we Democrats need to start calling them like we see them.  And if Sen. Byrd (or any other Democrat) waves around the Constitution in one hand while raising the other in favor of a court justice appointed by the same administration eager to concentrate executive power...then I certainly feel no compunction in screaming HYPOCRITE from the rooftops!

    •  Why should they listen? (none)
      A while back there was a piece posted here about how poorly the Dems in Congress were polling, but that there wasn't any reason to worry since even those who didn't really care for the Dems would never vote GOP.

      Folks, they don't listen because they don't have to.  They know the old argument "vote for us or the GOP will win" will carry them through on election day.

      If you are complaining about the Dems lacking spine, then grow some spine of your own and vote against them.  Otherwise, why the hell should they listen to your ranting.

      •  bush v. gore redux (none)
        If the choice is between immoral thugs and milquetoast enablers of that immorality, voters will stay home.

        Sure, D candidates can say "Vote for us or the GOP wins."  But if the Democratic party doesn't stand in opposition to the GOP, don't be surprised when the answer is "Yeah, so what?"

      •  Don't worry... (none)
        I fully plan on it.

        My solution to Senator Byrd's transgression:

        On May 9, 2006, the West Virginia 2006 Democratic Primary will be held. For all West Virginians who are distraught with Senator Byrd's vote to confirm Scalito, write-in the name of former Governor BOB WISE as a statement to Senator Byrd. Let the State Party know your displeasure with Byrd, and prepare Wise to succeed Byrd.

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