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  •  With 'Dems' like these who needs Republicans? (4.00)
    Why should you fund cogs in the GOP juggernaut? (Attributions and embedded links for the following:)

    Robert Byrd (WV) : 1/26/06: Judge Alito told me that he respected the separation of powers and would not rule in support of a power-hungry President. I liked that answer, and I liked Judge Alito. He struck me as a man of his word, and I intend to vote for him.
    Joe Biden (DE):  1/28/06: Sees "no reasonable prospect that a filibuster could work or function."
    Kent Conrad (ND): 1/28/06 "I do not think a filibuster will be successful. A filibuster is not going to be sustained... It is clear to me that a majority of the American people and the people I represent support his confirmation."
    Mark Pryor (AR): 1/28/06 "While I personally cannot support Judge Alito's confirmation on the Supreme Court, there is not a smoking gun in his past that would warrant 'extraordinary circumstances' and subsequently a filibuster against his nomination. I have faith in the 13 other members who forged the 'Gang of 14. In exchange for preserving the minority party's right to filibuster a judge, we all agreed a higher threshold must be met before this action is taken."

    Why are stiffs like these getting your money?

    These are Democrats running for the Senate who expect Democrats to give them money and votes after they tell us to go fuck ourselves:
    Bob Casey (PA) - in a Democratic primary with anti-Alito candidates Chuck Pennachio and Alan Sandals: 1/24: "I agree with The Philadelphia Inquirer and Washington Post editorial boards that the arguments against Judge Alito do not rise to the level that would require a vote denying him a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court."
    Harold Ford (TN): 1/27: "It does not appear that there is any reason to hold up a vote. I hope my colleagues in the Senate will move quickly to bring this process to a dignified end," he said.

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