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View Diary: Tipping point near on global warming!!!! (145 comments)

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  •  Wasting? (none)
    Let's not stop being drunks. Let's just put better air bags in our cars?

    We have vast choices ahead of us. Every single one of them should be informed by the desire to minimize climate change.

    Further, we can't well prepare for the effects, because we don't really know what the fuck they'll be. This is an extremely complex system we're discombobulating, and many different localities are going to spin outside of control in unpredictable ways. It is much easier to predict stable systems than destabilized ones.

    So we'd better do all we can to maximize the degree to which we get a future we can prepare for, rather than one that's so crazy that only extreme luck will let any particular band of people survive for a while.

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