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  •  So I take it (none)
    You think he should just pretend that the way Dems handled this whole nomination proccess was just peachy? That the committee was well-organized and questioned Alito in a way that made Americans see how fring he is? That we had a strong and coordinated message that we hammered the press with non-stop?

    Sorry, but that would be total bullshit, and the fillibuster as at best a messy hail-mary pass. I personally would love for it to work, but most Americans do not.

    •  Jane (4.00)
      I was in "my comments" to see if anyone had replied to any of my posts. I saw someone commented, and I said "I bet that's Jane." :)

      I posted pretty much my thoughts on another reply on this thread. The exclamation points are not directed at you. :)

      I don't think Obama is being helpful. He could be honest, and still be helpful. Honesty is he is voting against Alito - and why is he?

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      by OLinda on Sun Jan 29, 2006 at 08:22:38 AM PST

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      •  Heh--you know me well (none)
        Anyway, you make some good points. I concede that he could have been stronger on why he was voting no on Alito. See! Lol--I don't think he's TOTALLY perfect.

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