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  •  Right On, fightorleave (none)
    I too am disturbed by the anti-Israeli rhetoric of Mr. Cole. It's also disturbing that, like the right, our side marches in lock-step to some "leaders"; if someone is "oppressed" they're automatically "right", even if they're a terror organization.
    •  Nowhere does Juan Cole say (4.00)
      "Hamas is right".

      I'm "disturbed" by your massive distortions of what he actually said. I encourage people to read Cole's Salon article on Hamas, as well as Gil Achar's analysis   posted on Cole's own site.

      The point is that unwavering American support for whatever Israel chooses to do, such as their planting illegal settlements on confiscated Palestinian land, has been very bad for American interests.  This is not something supporters of Israel like to talk about. It is something that people who are concerned about the future of this country should think about.

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