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  •  Al Al Al! (none)
    you PROMISED me something special!
    I had a friend visiting... she just left and i IMMEDIATELY came here to find my personal eye candy.

    boo hoo hoo.. I have to WAIT???

    •  Oh, Em!! (none)
      I forgot to ask you what you like.

      Did you care for any of the flavors in this week store?  

      I post alot of clooney, well no need explaining..oh, now I remember, he actually won a poll conducted by jane knowles and Miss Blue love him even more then she love me...go figure!  Downey Jr. and Bandaras came to mind when Jane reminded me who women love Spader.  I'm tone deaf when it comes to the male form (and if your into the female form, that's cool, so am I).  15 yrs ago Bandaras was in a foreign film "Tie me up, Tie me down" (our interest was merely educational) and my girlfriend went nutz for him, but she had bad taste.  Then when he appeared in Mambo kings, all the women I knew couldn't stop raving.

      email me at kossack01 at and that's a zero, not the letter "o"  Sam loomis kept sending mail to the wrong address and he thought I was ignoring himn....or atleast that's what I tell him ;^]

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