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  •  Well Jane....... (4.00)
    I heard him say those words on a CNN radio news report after his recent trip to Iraq.

    I heard him say it Jane. Understand? I'm not attributing anything to him. I'm telling you what I heard him say and he was quite clear about what he thought.

    It's not an empty accusation Jane. I heard him say it......

    Unless you're calling me a liar, in which case.....well I'll let you know my reply if you do.

    You asked:

    "who can state with absolute certainty that that is wrong or even misguided?"

    I say:

    Anyone who understands military history, current events, guerilla warfare and the limits of military power can state that with absolute certainty. That's who.

    I ask you Jane, please be honest, should Barak Obama decide the USA's policy in Iraq at some point in the future.....and his decision was to maintain our occupation of Iraq until the country is "stabilized".......would you volunteer for military service so you could be a part of that stabilization?

    If yes, well, good for you. At least you're consistent.

    If no, well, what does that make you? Or Senator Obama for that matter?......Give up? makes you and he chickenhawks.

    He said America has a duty to maintain a military presence in Iraq until Iraq is stabilized. If ten years from now, Iraq isn't stable enough for US troop withdrawl, by his standards, do you think Senator Obama will encourage his now very young daughters to serve in combat there? They'll be about the right age. I don't think he would. Do you? If he didn't what would that make him? would make him a chickenhawk.

    Do you have children Jane? If you do are you ready to sacrifice them for the sake of "stability" in Iraq?

    If yes, well good for you. At least you're

    If no, then......well I guess that makes you a chickenhawk then doesn't it Jane.

    Or perhaps you're young enough to serve in combat yourself. Will you? If could you or Obama or anyone with a consience be in favor of others doing something you are unwilling to do?

    Supporting the continuation of the illegal occupation of another country is immoral, unethical, and criminal. In the case of a US Senator who does so....well....that makes them an accomplice to war crimes, something that is worthy of criminal trial and imprisonment at an international level. ANY US SENATOR OR CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVE.

    Are you comfortable with your country committing war crimes? If so.....then.....may god have mercy on your soul.

    Are you comfortable with Senator Obama advocating the continuation of war crimes by the USA? Do you want a chickenhawk war criminal representing you? And yes, to you and everyone else, if Senator Obama, through his efforts as a senator is responsible for the continued, illegal occupation of Iraq then he will be a war criminal.

    You asked:

    "On that note, I'd love to know who among our elected leaders you think has all the right answers as far as Iraq is concerned?"

    Jack Murtha. He is advocating complete withdrawl of our military forces from the combat zone by the end of the year......there you go.

    So Jane. I took the senator at his word. And I've answered your questions.


    **"Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue."--Barry Goldwater**

    by Manix on Sun Jan 29, 2006 at 09:26:47 PM PST

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    •  Dude, switch to decafe (none)

      your rant sounds like bush..("you either with us or against us").  everything is black or white, no nuance permitted.

      and your rant went way over the top and it was needlessly personal, fitting the saying: "when you're having a bad day, don't take it out on someone you know, take it out on someone you don't know."

      if you want to do something productive, send bush some pretzels and cheney some bacon.

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