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View Diary: FILIBUSTER Swing Votes (CALL NOW!) (151 comments)

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  •  judybrowni (4.00)
    I say this as someone whose eyes roll into the back of her head every time a diary or "comment" appears onscreen from you...


    If this works and they filibuster, I will consider you to be PERSONALLY responsible for part of the success. And if it doesn't, it may be cold comfort, but there is NO WAY you will EVER look back and wonder if you could have done more.

    I HATE your spam, I hate hate hate it.

    But I LOVE you for it.

    If you know what I mean.

    YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION TO US ALL, and for everyone who has harshed on you, believe me, there are more of us who ALMOST harshed on you and then thought,

    Who the fuck am I to harsh on this woman, who has done more goddamned legwork on this MOST IMPORTANT ACTION ITEM than I've done in my entire LIFE?

    SO BRAVA TO YOU, JUDYBROWNI. I await with pleasure the day when you can stop your work and join us all for a well-deserved beverage and a cassock beneath your feet.


    •  Yup (4.00)
      Judy is doing a great job and everyone needs to get over the spam factor.  If everyone on this site were putting in as much effort for as long as Judy we would be in much better shape.

      Cangratulations everyone, whether we stop Alito or not, we are setting up a model for action that we will learn from.

      •  spam is a legitimite concern (none)
        I am sincerely hoping that Judy links to this information in her comments and the tagline can even have a message with a link.

        That's all that is being asked.  I'm really trying to find a peace process here.

        In God we trust. All others must pay cash.

        by yet another liberal on Sun Jan 29, 2006 at 11:31:27 AM PST

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        •  Ditto. (none)
          I've hammered her pretty hard over the last week for the spamming, simply because I see breaking the rules you find inconvenient to be a slippery slope - no matter what the fine cause behind it - and that's the kind of thing we hammer Republicans for doing.

          That said, THIS diary is a positive move, and if the spam hereafter could be restricted to links back to this diary, then I for one wouldn't have an issue with it at all.

          Ultimately, everyone is trying to do the right thing. If we can just get the methodology right, then we can combine our efforts instead of being frustrated by each other.

        •  If you're really trying to find a peace process, (none)
          bear in mind that you need to talk to BOTH sides. I'm sure you mean well, but you aren't addressing this activist's opponents.
          I don't like being spammed, but what JudyBrowni is posting is not spam.
          If just one new kossak is inspired to call, by each of her posts, it is well worth the aggro to those of us who spend hours on these threads.
          If you want to negotiate between sides, start by calling out HollywoodOZ and the other ratings abusers who have made a sport of putting JudyBrowni down with their ratings and comments. JB has responded to criticism by modifying her posts [correcting errors] but not by desisting. She is absolutely correct. No one seems to be able to stop HollywoodOZ from following her around with ratings abuse, which has also been extended to anyone who takes him to task for it.
          If you're an honest peace broker, lecture BOTH sides.

          The rest of this comment is addressed to ALL kossaks:
          What JB is doing is what this blog is SUPPOSED to be about. If you aren't for this kind of activism, you are on the wrong blog. If your only purpose at dKos is to have warm fuzzy relations with fellow kossaks and insist on site rules which don't cover the EXTRAORDINARY CIRCUMSTANCES of the Alito nomination, you are a waste of bandwidth and comment space. Get over your silly self. This isn't about you, or site rules; this is about the survival of our country, and the future of our grandchildren.

          Keep fighting, JudyBrowni, and remember Hurin's battlecry: aure entuluva! [day will come again].

          •  Sir, I did (none)
            Yesterday I was in the middle of it and I got rather bloody (metaphorically speaking).  I even got myself into the hidden comments!

            btw: The comment that was hidden was one of the comments wherein I called Oz a troll.  He is not a troll and I was duly punished for my error.

            I encourage you to peruse my comment history.  Honestly, I believe I am a true peace broker here.  And I am not interested in lecturing anyone.  That is no way to change someone's mind.

            In God we trust. All others must pay cash.

            by yet another liberal on Sun Jan 29, 2006 at 04:48:42 PM PST

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            •  I apologize. I should have checked your comment (none)
              history before I lectured you so intemperately, yet another liberal.

              The rest of my comment, addressed to all kossaks, STANDS UNCHANGED, AND UNAPOLOGIZED FOR.

              Furthermore, HollywoodOZ is, in this instance, acting WORSE than a troll. How, you ask? A troll actually unites our community when s/he/it employs disruptive tactics. HollywoodOZ has divided our community with politically unhelpful bloggy-correctness, and flagrant ratings abuse.
              His/her uid, 8,000 members lower than mine and only 2,000 members higher than yours, makes clear the fact that he is not ignorant of the ratings guidlines.
              I have frequently loved HollywoodOZ's comments, and have given them 4s; I gave him/her a 4 just yesterday for a positive comment. In the issue of JudyBrowni's postings, he has been twice as irritating as her repetive posts, because her posts have a kossian purpose, while HollywoodOZ's postings about her posts are repititions about site guidelines which HollywoodOZ is violating with ratings abuse.
              And every time s/he does it, the single-minded focus of the site on this nomination is diluted. The energy and time we spend lecturing each other could have been put to use calling, FAXing, emailing on the nomination. That is unproductive.
              However they eventually vote on cloture and the nomination, Obama and Biden have been unproductive on this issue. Although it shocks me to have to say so [given his past record of righteousness], so has HollywoodOZ.

              •  There is lots of blame to go around (none)
                And initially I was blaming Oz for all of it, but yesterday's arguments made me realize there was more to the story.  But that's all history now.

                In God we trust. All others must pay cash.

                by yet another liberal on Sun Jan 29, 2006 at 06:33:17 PM PST

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