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  •  Try like 2003 people!!! (none)
    Oh, trust me.. they know how and where to return them.  They choose not to.

    And, really, bushco is evil as all get out... but you and I have blood on our hands for NOT marching every single day to release every single person on Gitmo.  Believe me, if Bushco had any one of value there....they would make a big deal of their 'catch.

    Forgive me... your statement of '4 guys' struck me as the understatment of the the millenium!

    LetsFight. re handle: Fight the radical right is the sentiment!

    by letsfight on Sun Jan 29, 2006 at 11:40:15 PM PST

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    •  Really? (none)
      I don't know these 2003 people, and I'll bet none of the guards at Gitmo know who they are.  I would think that some unknown percentage of these people really are terrorists who would happily slit your throat, but there's the rub: which ones?  Who are these people really?

      "You! What planet is this?!" Leonard McCoy, MD

      by moltar on Mon Jan 30, 2006 at 12:42:08 AM PST

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