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  •  Unlikely (none)
    Unless they're as amateurish as they often appear. They haven't gotten "tired" of holding far less connected, completely unthreatening people like David Hicks.  

    Clearly something is up here. It probably turned out that this guy was a double agent all along, and some other state apparatus has negotiated his release. Whichever, Guantanamo is about the misuse of quasi-judicial power. No "justice" can ever come out of it.

    •  I do not disagree with you (none)
      my tired of holding him comment was not fully fleshed out. And reading more comments and links on this thread makes me think it is more likely your comment "Unless they're as amateurish as they often appear" may be accurate.

      The other possibility is that Morocco made some deal for his release, but given their own record of holding people without trial i am not sure about that.

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