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View Diary: Lieberman, Chafee To Hand Political Gifts To Their Opponents (321 comments)

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  •  Please... (4.00)
    folks, do not lie about where you're from or provide a false zip code to the staffer.  Express your displeasure all you want, but do so honestly and politely.
    •  profmatt, generally I agree . . . (none)
      this time, however with about 18 minutes to go, why the hell not?
      •  Because... (4.00)
        lying is lying.  Even when it's for a purpose in which you believe passionately.
        •  Also... (none)
          they can trace your call with caller ID, and will wonder why the hell someone who lives in Westport is calling from a home somewhere NOT in Westport, resulting in your opinion being discounted and tying up the phone line for someone who might actually be a constituent.
          •  people do have two residences, sometimes (none)
            Wetsport happens to be a bedroom community of NY, where I live. Many, many people communte from Westport into the city.

            But yes, you are more correct than I am.

            Desperate times . . .

        •  Lying is lying (none)
          Yes, that's true, but in every single instance? C'mon, prof. I believe in trying not to stoop to the level of one's lying opponents, and I happen to agree with you about not lying about a zip code, because why use up the few lies you may need for something so insignificant? How about a little white lie, telling someone she looks great when she really doesn't? How about in dire circumstances, say a threat against your innocent wife's life, would you tell a little lie to save her? Would you tell a little lie to save your country?

          On the floor of the Senate, lying has become a way of life. I can hear a Senator in there, right now, lying his ass off about how he never, ever voted on a SC nominee for political reasons, but always on qualifications alone. Hogwash. They all vote on ideology, always have, both Dems and Repubs. The Republicans selected Ginsburg and Breyer from a much longer list of very liberal candidates put forth by Clinton because they were the two most moderate people they could find on the list. Clinton did not then stab them in the back and abruptly submit the absolutely most liberal person on his list; he went with their selections to avoid a big fight. Now they say they were voting on qualifications alone, but that is a lie. Bush, having caved to the extreme right wing of his own party in withdrawing Miers, then tried to ram through the most right-wing candidate on his list. And the right wingers were ecstatic. They still are.

          Alito lied under oath in the hearings, or he lied in his job application in 1985. Take your pick. I believe, but cannot prove, that he lied several times under oath. That's a crime, not just a little white lie.

          Frist is threatening his beloved bullying tactic, the nuclear option. in which Cheney and Frist will cheat on the established rules of the Senate to achieve their goal. Senate rules can only be changed by a 2/3 vote, but Frist will change the rules by a simple majority vote of 51 on a point of order. I call that a lie or its equivalent. Lying and cheating go hand in hand.

          Now, if a few Dem senators were to decide to lie about their votes and switch to no or abstention on cloture only at the last minute, to save their country, would you say they shouldn't do it because it would be lying, or would it be okay because they always have a right to change their minds? Damn. I wish they could see how easy it would be to bluff Cheney and Frist. I wish they would do it. That's one lie that would be worth it, because politics is a lot like poker, after all. So why not?  

          A little lie to help get a big liar and mass murderer out of the White House? Sounds okay to me.  

          "That story is not worth the paper it's rotten on"--Dorothy Parker

          by martyc35 on Mon Jan 30, 2006 at 11:45:36 AM PST

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      •  because of caller ID n/t (none)


        by odum on Mon Jan 30, 2006 at 10:21:08 AM PST

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