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View Diary: Lieberman, Chafee To Hand Political Gifts To Their Opponents (321 comments)

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  •  Too little too late. (none)
    Just because John Kerry didn't handle his 2004 campaign as well as he should, means we should fold like a bad hand of cards. I mean, we're going to lose anyway. There's nothing to be done. Let's just beg the Republicans not to spank us too hard. Well, when we're not teaming up with them.

    With that line of thinking, we'll never fight.

    And that line of thinking is anathema to me.

    •  Alito will likely end up (none)
      With the lowest confirmation vote total in SCOTUS history, save Justice Thomas.  That says something.

      Here's the truth: after tomorrow night's SOTU, the media will drop this issue.

      •  Well, glad we obey the media. Or....not. (none)
        I can't control what the media does.

        I can only ask that people do the right thing. If we lead enough, fight enough, the media will have to follow.

      •  And ... (none)
        ... Democrats should remember all the raw materials they have to work with even after lose the Alito nomination, as I wrote yesterday.  As Mark Shields points out on the "Newshour,"

        ... the corruption issue is working very much.  The president's got pictures of himself with Jack Abramoff he won't reveal.  There is awkwardness in the administration.  They're going to have a state of the union message that is going to be nothing but a political memo; it's not going to have any substance in it.

        Let's also remember that 5-6 million Americans have lost their health insurance coverage since President Bush took office.  Another, what, 5-6 million Americans are now living in poverty since President Bush took office?  We have people all across the country -- particularly around the Gulf Coast, although some have moved -- crying out for relief from the Federal government, and have yet to receive that relief.  Real wages have fallen since the President took office.  There truly are people suffering in this country, and this President seems either detached from or indifferent to this human suffering.

        And all that does not even mention the main event -- the Iraq War -- has been nothing but a disaster.

        Today, the Court purports to be the dispassionate oracle of the law, unmoved by "natural sympathy." - Justice Blackmun, dissenting, DeShaney v. Winnebago County

        by jim bow on Mon Jan 30, 2006 at 10:34:58 AM PST

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      •  Magic 8 Ball weighs in, Psychic Friend concurs n/t (none)

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