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View Diary: Lieberman, Chafee To Hand Political Gifts To Their Opponents (321 comments)

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  •  Dean is a joke (none)
    What has Dean done?  I haven't heard anything from  him on the filibuster.  He is the Democratic Party Chairman for god's sake.  He could have been organizing block parties and spoken in strategy sessions to forge opposition to Alito the moment his nomination was announced.

    But all he seems to do is go on the Sunday news shows and put a foot in his mouth.  Howard Dean, I'll bet most of the people of this nation have forgotten who the hell Howard Dean is.  If they do remember, what they remember is him screaming in Iowa.

    Memo to Democrats-stay off Fox News. I know they love the attention, but going on Republican-propaganda outlets does them no good.  CNN and MSNBC are not much better.  Democrats should boycott the corporate media, go on Air America and do the old-fashioned tactics to communicate to people, go door to door, make precint workers walk thier neighborhoods, do what they used to do before they became the 2nd party of corporate capitalism.

    •  Wrong (4.00)
      Dean has been speaking out in favor of the filibuster.  But the GOP/Media Axis would much rather talk about babies found floating in Chinese ponds.

      Also, Dean's job is to work the grass roots and build up the state and local Democratic structures. He has no control over the Senate Democrats -- that's Harry Reid's job. (As Reid pointedly reminded Dean when Dean became DNC Chair last year.)

    • (none)
      If you can't back a party, then back these people:

      Come on, you can do it.

    •  Dean (none)
      As has been well-documented here, he has started to shift the fundraising focus from large donors to small donors and has sent party resources back to the states.

      On the filibuster, it may not be his place to take a strong stand. I'm guessing he's under enormous pressure from the Senate not to publicly tell them how to vote. It's Reid's job to unite the Senate against Alito. It's Dean's job to speak for the broader party platform and take strong positions where the party is already united.

      And I should note that I'm no Deaniac from the Iowa caucus days. My guy was and still is Edwards. But Dean is a great choice for DNC chair.

    •  I know what he's done in Michigan (4.00)
      Dean met with the organizers of DFA in November 2004, asked us our opinion about the DNC chairmanship or a 2008 run or another party.  He's where he is because we and the DFA organizers in 50 states all came to the same conclusion, that we needed to take back the party.

      He encouraged -- challenged -- each one of us at that November '04 meeting to become engaged in the local party, take it back, run for every office from dogcatcher to governor.

      We did.  We took back the local party from entrenched interests, we started a new club, we are working on outreach to minority and disenfranchised groups, are signing up to become precinct delegates.  I can tell you that more than half of Michigan Democratic Party's platform last year was directly molded if not written by the DFA members who became active in the party (I know, I wrote a big chunk of the platform).  We are currently working on drafting and training candidates to run for office, are already working on fundraising and canvassing to improve voter records.

      And Dean came to Michigan in November 2005, donating all the door receipts back to the state party rather than taking them to Washington.  He's encouraging us to win this practically, pragmatically, by getting a couple more handfuls of votes in precincts where we lost by only a handful, street by street, city by city, state by state.  And he'll continue to visit every state and plow the money back in, as well as funding dedicated organizers for each state.

      That's what he's doing.  It's not flashy.  It's simple, basic organizing work, the kind the party forgot to do over the last couple of decades.  I know it works, seen it up close and personally.  

      What Dean needs from us right now is to continue the work here in the grassroots, in the trenches, while he continues to press down from the top, out and around the entrenched beltway consultancy types.  You need to realize that the media, owned by Republicans and their corporations (like GE), will not give this effort any bandwidth or airtime; you will have to learn about what's going on by getting to the next Meetup or next party meeting and asking questions and finding out how you can help.  That's what happened to me and now I'm up to my ears in it.  I no longer feel powerless and I know that my Senators recognize me now on sight and by name -- took only one year.

      Stay in the fight, Paul.  You can always come to my Meetups if you feel you need a boost.

    •  Cloture vote in a few minutes--C-Span 2 (none)
      Kennedy just gave one of the best speeches I have ever seen him make. Kerry was good, but not great. He did get across the point that the ABA endorsement was meaningless in the face of the issues. Specter now, then Frist, and then the cloture vote. Unless they they are so scared that they try the Nuclear Option.

      Michigan Paul, I hope you have read kos's diary, front page today, answering criticisms of Dean and showing precisely what he has been doing. I was doubtful, too, but since the media treat him with such scorn, I am beginning to believe they are just a bit terrified of him. Please read kos, if you haven't. A lot of what Dean has done to reestablish a grassroots party has been ignored by the press and by the likes of the DLC as well.

      "That story is not worth the paper it's rotten on"--Dorothy Parker

      by martyc35 on Mon Jan 30, 2006 at 01:31:03 PM PST

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